1 billion: What do I do if I want to become rich ? The answer is here

do you want to earn money and become rich?

how to become rich and powerful, and get 1 billion, this is the special Expert that reaps the money, and is integrated with the latest strategies, It works with a Renko system and works on all currencies, financial indicators, gold and stocks and works at all times

the rich way, 1 harvester billion

Harvesters money

It is truly a wonderful and strong tool, so it is not affected by the negative market

movement, in other words it is not affected by the decline in open deals and no fear of loss because it works with the full basket strategy for positive and negative deals, i.e. closing all open deals on a specific profit that you specify in the general settings of the automat expert,

Of course, the profit is determined according to the capital, thus protecting yourself from risking money, and it does not matter that the market declines, if the price fell or ascended, you work with the basket system with all deals, and closing on a net profit, for each basket,


For example, you can start with 10$ your capital in trading, and if you set in the automat expert a basket of 10 deals, if you for example determine that each basket should be closed with a profit of 1 dollar, then each basket will be closed at 10 deals with 10$ profits.
This way, regardless of the market movement you will still gain the same money, even if you were in negative (or lower value than you opened), with the bonus of closing with a net profit instead of loss.

I mean, it is a harvesters money strategy is truly a wonderful and strong tool that It allows traders to increase their profits up to a billion without being worried about the market movement, since they are protected from risking their capital. This makes it a great way to make money.

best trading robot, you will not see it in another place.

A billion starts with a single step


Mr Wagdy is a professional Forex trader, and software engineer. He has been trading, in the Forex market, for over 10 years, and he has developed a number of trading robots, for use by retail,

and institutional traders. His trading robots strive, to make consistent profits, by opening trades, for each candle, and utilizing an automated trading strategy, to maximize profits. His robots are designed, to be easy

to use, and reliable, enabling users to quickly, and effortlessly start making profits, in the Forex market. In addition, his robots are designed to be open, to any account, and currency, making them a great choice for retail, and institutional traders alike.

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the Harvesters during sale and buy

demo, live, to make the Harvesters during sale and buy, it works smoothly in making money

If you want the first million then 1 the billion. Relatively large account is required

(eurusd) stop with Multiple targets

risk the profits, and not from your money.

The Internet, the Impossible Feat!

The 2 way to collect a billion

For years… They talk about its charm, beauty, splendor, pearls in its depths Which is worth billions, and wickedness alike, and they repeat to our ears from a hidden side that our failure to ride the wave of the Internet means that we belong to the Middle Ages! Today, we hear new voices claiming that cyberspace is not only a revolution in the world of communication and information, but also in the world of commerce and business & Billions too as well, specifically the category of small and medium-sized businesses, and the

opportunities that this space creates for ordinary individuals and small investors to establish commercial activities capable of competing with large companies and earn the billion. Unfortunately, this is only one side of the truth… As for the other side, it is that the commercial presence on the line means nothing at all unless it can generate heavy and continuous traffic, and provides others with very convincing reasons to buy… The “Internet” is more aware than you can imagine. But you can certainly achieve your goals and get the first billion

if you learn the “principles of the craft” and know how to make others flock to your virtual store and beg you to accept that you sell them your products!
This is the main focus of this book… How to collect your first billion, yeah, your first billion


For everyone who wants to make money with ads on their site (PPC), but only for website owners who own a website.


A special server for trading platforms, I have used it for more than ten years, and it is more than wonderful, very fast.

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